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Welcome to the Rocky Waters Aikido martial arts dojo in Melbourne, Florida...serving Melbourne, FL area residents for the last 7 years. If you are interested in grappling and mma, we believe you may enjoy what we have to offer. As a bonus, we are one of only a handful of adult-only martial arts schools in the county. Click the links above to get started.

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Martial Arts in Melbourne, FLMixed Martial Arts in Melbourne, FL


Mixed Martial Arts in Melbourne, FL (MMA) and Aikido Training

If you live in Melbourne, Florida and are interested in mixed martial arts (MMA), you can enjoy these awesome benefits with regular training at Rocky Waters:

  1. Effective, proven, and powerful self protection skills
  2. Increased strength and flexibility
  3. Feel confident if ever taken to the ground and grappling
  4. More energy and stamina from martial arts practice
  5. Refined and developed balance through martial training
  6. Heightened awareness and perception

If you like grappling and MMA, click here for 10 very good reasons why you should start Aikido martial arts practice with us today.

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Mixed Martial Arts

What are you looking for? Maybe for some good mixed martial arts (MMA) in Melbourne, Florida?

When you came to  the Rocky Waters Aikido website, you came with a purpose in mind. Those interested in BJJ,  MMA or grappling often come to us for many reasons. Sometimes what they get out of Aikido martial arts training is something they didn't even know they were searching for.

Click here to see what that may be.

Aikido is a powerful method of self protection that can be practiced by both men and women. It is a combat system that teaches a student to understand, recognize, and then act decisively in the face of a violent situation. Our martial arts training at Rocky Waters includes both standing and ground work because you never know where you may end up. Aikido can truly be considered one of the earliest mixed martial arts this last century because of the mixed bag of styles that went into it. 

Melbourne, FL area residents interested in MMA are always welcome to  watch a class or come on the mat and train with us. Call us right away to take advantage of two free martial arts classes without any obligation whatsoever. This way you can try before you even think of buying. You will surely be pleasantly surprised. 

Please browse through our website and feel free to contact us when you're ready to begin, or continue, your journey with Aikido self protection.

We at Rocky Waters look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!


MMA - Melbourne



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Mixed Martial Arts in Melbourne, FL

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